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About Us

Canter Culture Riding Apparel was founded by Texas-based professional equestrian & USDF Silver Medalist Lauren Baggett and adult amateur and dressage enthusiast Sarah Dahlberg. Lauren & Sarah shared the same goal of creating a line of equestrian clothing that provides riders with high-quality, performance-driven apparel that meets their athletic needs while allowing them to showcase their unique sense of style.

Every piece of clothing from Canter Culture is carefully designed & crafted by riders, for riders, to ensure a perfect fit, all-day comfort, and high functionality. From the innovative fabrics to the attention to detail, every aspect of our apparel is thoughtfully considered to enhance the rider's experience.

Canter Culture is not just a clothing brand; it's a movement. We are here to revolutionize your equestrian wardrobe. Join us in a new era of riding apparel, where fashion and functionality go hand in hand. Experience the Canter Culture difference and ride with confidence, comfort, and unparalleled style.

You can follow Lauren & Sarah on Instagram @laurenbthings and @sarahdahlyall